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Supporting Families In Mental Illness Auckland (NZ)

Recovery is often perceived to be something that the person with an illness goes through in their journey to wellness. However, families, whanau and friends often need their own process of recovery after interaction with and support of a loved one with mental illness.

Please contact us for support or further information on  (09) 378 9134, download our referral form or email us at


"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.


The Coping Kete (NZ) - Every week, we post a new coping strategy for you to experiment with in your journey towards better mental health. Use The Coping Kete to explore and practice new strategies and when you find one that works for you, add it to your Personal Coping Kete.  A Personal Coping Kete is any kind of container that you can keep your strategies written down on cards in.  In times of stress and distress, when it is hard to think of what to do – you can pull a card from your Personal Coping Kete and start to change the way you automatically respond to stress and distress.

New Mental Health Line for Counties Manukau (NZ) - Staffed by skilled and experienced mental health professionals, this service will operate during the 'after hours' period (5.00pm - 8.00am weekdays, plus 24/7 weekends and public holidays) and will ensure that clients, their families, other agencies and the community have enhanced access to mental health services during this period. Mental health clients can assess this new service by simply calling their current Community Mental Health Centre or Specialist Service. From here they will have the capacity to connect to Mental Health Line.

Developing a recovery and Wellness Lifestyle - A self help guide (US) - This publication was funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), and prepared by Mary Ellen Copeland.


Changing Minds (NZ) - Changing Minds is a small not-for-profit organisation that works to provide information, education, and systemic advocacy for people who experience mental distress or addiction issues, as well as to the wider Auckland community.

CONNECT - Supporting Recovery Inc. (NZ) - Formerly AMHS - Committed to working with a recovery focus, flexibly and creatively to inspire hope, create choice and opportunities and encourage transformation and promote health and well-being. Services include: Residential, Asian Responsive Service, Dual Diagnosis, Peer Support and EDGE Employment.

Crossroads Clubhouse (NZ) - Crossroads Clubhouse is a recovery centre for people with backgrounds of mental illness such as bipolar disease, schizophrenia and severe depression. Combining a comprehensive network of services that includes employment, education, recreation and housing, our innovative approach to psychosocial rehabilitation is progressive and world-renowned.

Framework Trust (NZ) - Framework Trust delivers community based mental health and intellectual disability services in Greater Auckland from strategic locations throughout the city.

Mental Health Foundation Resource & Information Service (NZ) - One of the ways we support individuals and communities is through providing access to quality information and rersources on mental health and wellbeing. We encourage people to make informed choices and decisions about their mental health in ways that enhance their quality of life. We have a range of toolkits and educational resources focussing on enhancing mental wellbeing, community awareness & destigmatisation, for use in schools and community settings.

Mental Health Recovery and WRAP - Mary Ellen Copeland (US) - Mental Health Recovery and WRAP was started in 1989 as Mary Ellen Copeland began her studies of how people help themselves, get well, and stay well and her work received an important boost from the 1992 publication of the best-selling Depression Workbook. The Workbook, now a keystone in mental health circles, was the result of interviews with hundreds of people and years of research. Mary Ellen has continued these studies and now works with a highly competent and skilled staff and experts from around the country. She currently has 20 books and CD's that have been widely distributed all over the world.

Ministry of Social Development - National Directory (NZ) - The National Directory is a searchable online database. It lists information about family support organisations and the services/programmes they offer to support New Zealand families (we call the organisations in the National Directory "providers"). The purpose of the National Directory is to connect people with providers who can help them to cope with common issues and problems.

Supporting Families In Mental Illness New Zealand (NZ) - New Zealanders affected by mental illness put up with a lot more than their symptoms - such as stigma and discrimination, lack of access to effective treatment and support and little or no help for family/whanau and friends. It doesn't have to be like this. The Supporting Families In Mental Illness NZ Charter sets our four core principles which provide a vision for a better life for New Zealanders with mental illness. Help for family/whanau and friends; an end to stigma and discrimination; access to effective treatments; support in the community.

Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi (NZ) - Te Kotuku Ki Te Rangi provides community based Kaupapa Maori Mental Health Services for Tangata Whaiora (people seeking wellness) based in the Northern Region of the North Island, including the Counties/Manukau District Health Board (DHB), Auckland DHB, Waitemata DHB and Northland DHB.

Walsh Trust (NZ) - WALSH Trust has been a leader in the provision of community-based mental health support services in West Auckland since 1988. It is a uniquely home-grown service which is proud of it's community-based origins. The West Auckland communities are at the heart of WALSH Trust and represent it's life-blood.