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"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention."  ~ Oscar Wilde.

We are always looking for volunteers to help out with the newsletter folding for mail out as well as office tasks and activities such as gardening. If you would like to offer your services then fill out the Volunteer Form and we will be in contact as soon as we can.


Supporting Families relies on its volunteers to help fold our newsletter which is posted every two months. We have the services of some very nice and energetic helpers who have added value to our organisation. Thank you to those helpers who have now had to move on and pursue other areas of interest and expertise. We valued your input immensely.

There is now the opportunity for others who wish to contribute to the task of preparing the newsletter for posting to join us. We will look after you very well, coffee/tea and of course cake or biscuits will be provided as well as great company in this task. You may like to stay only a hour or two or perhaps a little longer.
Any input is appreciated. For further information please contact:
Admin  (09) 378 9134


Could you organise a fundraiser? Run a marathon, arrange a bake sale or volunteer your time in aid of supporting families?  Do you belong to a service club that we can come and talk with about what we do?  There are plenty of ways to support the wonderful work we do here at Supporting Families. Give us a call on 0800 732 825 or email us at to chat about your idea.

A big thank you

To all those who took the time to participate, talk to us and give feedback around our new FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEER ADVOCATE PROGRAMME. Back in December almost 500 letters were sent to SFMI Auckland members and over 40 family members interviewed to find out what you thought. The overall response has been very positive, an overwhelming amount of people have said that they understand the need for fundraising and are very happy to donate and help with fundraising events when necessary. Thanks!

There was some concern over time commitment, lots of families are already juggling a hectic home and work life as well as caring for someone facing mental health challenges, so volunteering is not always an option. However, of those people most were keen to be approached for donations and all thought the scheme was an excellent idea, in particular the Speaker’s Bureau.

Engaging family members to participate in the Speakers Bureau is a wonderful opportunity for the much needed promotion of our service. In order for SF to continue the fantastic work it does alongside families, we need to get the word out there and raise much needed funds. We need to inform our community that we are here and ready to help. Utilising the personal experiences through stories, is just one way in which the Speakers Bureau can do this.
Volunteers are given training on how to tell ‘their story’. Sharing a personal experience about caring for and living alongside someone with mental illness can be a powerful and rewarding experience. Many families will have already told ‘their story’ to other family members, friends and health care professionals, it is a great way to help make sense and gain understanding. Intuitively people will change the way they tell their story to fit the circumstance and that’s where the training comes in.

The SF Speakers Bureau has been set up with the idea of raising awareness of family’s roles in mental health, reducing stigma, promoting recovery and hope, raising much needed money and promoting services available for family support. Due to the promotion of the volunteer programme, we have been lucky to find 3 wonderful family members who are excited and enthusiastic about the training and becoming involved with the speaker’s bureau. Then our volunteers will be ready to go out into the community and talk to organisations and clubs about their experiences through their stories and help share in raising awareness. Good luck guys!

If you have been inspired by this article or wish to find out more about Speakers Bureau and how you can become involved, please don’t hesitate to contact Claire Cox, Emma Dore or Ashley Innes on  09 378 9134 for more details. Or if you want to help contribute to the valuable work we do here, either as a volunteer or a donor please contact Emma Dore on or check out our donations page.
Frankly, we could not do what we do without donors such as you. We, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity. Thanks again for all of you who took the time to answer my questions and talk about your experiences over the phone. It is always a pleasure for me to talk personally with the family members who make up the very fabric of Supporting Families.
Claire Cox
Fundraising Coordinator